This offseason is perhaps the most interesting in NBA history. This is thanks to Kyrie Irving’s request to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team with which he spent his first six seasons. His motivation is to play on a team for which he is the focal point. Obviously, on the Cavs, only LeBron James can do it.

This started the rumored feud between LeBron James and Irving, though some players in the league understand the situation. Speaking of which, the perfect example would be John Wall of the Washington Wizards. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Wall on James and his workout passion

According to Cavaliers Nation, Wall and James paired recently, as they worked out together to prepare for the upcoming season. It is worth noting that the two NBA superstars share the same agent at Klutch Sports. Wall reportedly enjoyed the up close and personal experience of working out alongside The King. Wall even appreciated the effort that James put in every offseason, something that most NBA players fail to grasp. He took to Instagram to share his experience, stating the word “GOATS.” The caption was in reference to a photo of him and James.

This is not actually the first time that Wall praised LeBron James. A couple of weeks ago, during the peak of Irving’s trade news, Wall said that he would want to play with James if given the opportunity.

While he understood Irving’s request, he can’t deny the fact that playing with the Cleveland Cavalier forward means being second. Wall, however, iterated that Irving’s decision was somewhat similar to what younger players were trying to achieve in the league. They all just want to make a name out for themselves.

James’ Legacy

LeBron James is hailed as one of the best players in the NBA right now. This is evident in the performances he puts on in every game. He puts up numbers big enough to help the Cavaliers dominate their opponents. It goes without saying but he did go to the finals for eight consecutive times and won three titles.

As what Wall mentioned in an interview with ESPN, everybody would want to play with James as they all want to experience playing in the championship.

Unfortunately though, LeBron James is likely to lose a valuable point guard in the form of Kyrie Irving. The latter, on the other hand, wanted to build a name out of himself. He reportedly got tired of playing as the second guy next to James. He wanted to be in a team in which he would be the main guy.