The drama in Cleveland is finally over as Kyrie Irving was sent to Boston. In return, the Celtics gave up a few valuable pieces, including Isaiah Thomas, and it looks that both teams gained a lot more than they lost. With Irving in Boston, the Celtics will have a great point guard who wants to be a team leader. They will pair him up with Gordon Hayward, who was also signed by them this summer, in hopes to achieve big things in the league.

There were some issues with the Irving trade, but it was finalized when the Celtics decided to add one more draft pick to it.

At the end, Kyrie got his wish and was traded to another team, and the Cavaliers received a few great players in return, including a suitable replacement for Irving.

Today, Kyrie Irving was at the press conference which the Celtics used to introduce him and Hayward. During it, the former Cavaliers guard took a few subtle shots at his former teammate, LeBron James.

Irving did not leave Cleveland because of basketball

Kyrie Irving wants to be the first option on a team, just like he was before LeBron James returned to Cleveland. However, it seems that was not the primary reason why he demanded a trade. Irving seems to have a problem with James and the fact that it was his teammate getting all, or most of the credit.

From what Irving said at the press conference, it can be easily concluded that he's tired of LeBron. He also doesn't think that it was James who carried the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals.

While Kyrie Irving is a great player, there is no doubt that the reason for the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers is LeBron James.

It was him who did the most and who made seven straight NBA Finals appearances, including four with the Miami Heat. James' impact is undeniable, and that was a big reason why Kyrie decided to leave.

The point guard doesn't want to be in LeBron's shadow anymore and he wants to run his own team. Furthermore, he doesn't want his future to depend on James and the free-agency decision he will have to make next summer.

Kyrie hasn't talked to LeBron

When asked about his current relationship with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving said that he hasn't talked to him since he asked for a trade.

Last month, there was a report saying that Irving and James met in Florida. However, it turns out that it wasn't true as it's obvious that the relationship between them is ruined. It will be interesting to see how Irving's Celtics will match up against the Cavaliers and if he can take them down and lead Boston to the NBA Finals next year.