Cleveland Cavaliers are falling apart this summer and it seems they will lose their best player next year, LeBron James. It all started with Dan Gilbert, team owner, and his decision to let team's general manager David Griffin go. Despite LeBron's wish to keep him and extend his contract, Gilbert decided to take another route and part ways with David Griffin.

Shortly after, James became frustrated with the team and it was clearl that he was upset and disappointed. Without a general manager, the Cavaliers haven't been able to land any big-name free agents, and it seems that things won't change anytime soon.

The biggest shock, however, was Kyrie Irving's decision to leave Cleveland. LeBron James and the Cavaliers could somehow get over the loss of David Griffin, but losing Irving would be a disaster. James understands this, and he also knows that he has only one more year to play for the Cavaliers before he can opt out and become a free agent.

LeBron James will leave Cleveland

LeBron James is a winner and a competitor, and he is not done winning NBA championships. It's a fact that his Cleveland Cavaliers aren't good enough to beat the Golden State Warriors, and that is the biggest reason why he will leave Cleveland next summer.

Chris Sheridan reported that his source told him this will be LeBron's final season in Cleveland and that he is definitely leaving next year.

While the source may not be credible, it makes a lot of sense for the four-time MVP to leave Cleveland. The team is falling apart this offseason and Dan Gilbert isn't doing much to make things right.

Kyrie Irving will most likely leave the Cavaliers before the new season starts and it is very unlikely that Cleveland will receive an equally good player in return. The team is looking to acquire a young talented player in a trade, and considering that LeBron James will turn 33 this year, he simply has no time to wait and he wants to win now.

Who will LeBron James sign with?

James is the best player in the NBA, which means that a lot of teams will be trying to sign him. There are a lot of good options to choose from, and he's been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers numerous times.

Joining the young Lakers team would make a lot of sense, but it would still be difficult to take the Warriors down and win it all. The East doesn't have many great options for LeBron, but he might decide to once again join the Miami Heat after he leaves Cleveland.