Kyrie Irving recently demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and this ruined his relationship with the team and his teammates. Everyone expected Irving to stay, even after his contract expires. However, the All-Star point guard has another plan and he doesn't want to share the spotlight with LeBron James anymore.

Requesting a trade was a bold move by Irving, but he wants to run his own team and be the first option. This is something he can no longer do in Cleveland as LeBron runs the show.

Even though the two of them are not on good terms anymore, recent reports state that they met in person.

It seems that, even while surrounded by so many trade rumors, Irving and James are trying to talk about the situation. The Cavaliers' offseason is going bad and LeBron might be trying to save it, at least for one year. It's clear that things are falling apart in Cleveland and even James may leave the team next summer, but it seems he is trying to make things better for the next season.

Irving and James met in Florida

ESPN's Tony Rizzo revealed that Kyrie and LeBron met in person. According to his reliable sources, the two of them were in the same room in Florida.

"Apparently these guys were in the same room and here’s the deal. I don’t know if there’s a thawing out process. All I do know is LeBron didn’t punch Kyrie the way Stephen A thought he would.

I can report that. As for what they talked about or discussed…it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions."

While this may not mean a lot, it is a positive sign that James and Irving met in person and had a much-needed discussion. Irving was upfront with the Cavaliers and he let them know that he wants to leave the team, but it was still a shock to them and to their fans.

LeBron was also disappointed and he realizes how valuable Irving is.

Losing Kyrie Irving could be something the Cavaliers couldn't easily recover from, and James is trying to prevent it from happening.

Will Irving leave?

Despite LeBron James' efforts to discuss things with Irving and possibly persuade him to stay in Cleveland, it is unlikely that the point guard won't be traded to another team this summer.

It's a fact that Irving is not happy in Cleveland, so why bother staying if he has a chance to finally leave? The Cavaliers have received a lot of interest in their point guard from other teams, so there are a lot of potential destinations. Cleveland is most likely just waiting for the best deal, but Irving's trade is imminent.