isaiah thomas is the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and he will play for them for at least one year. The trade between the Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics was finalized as Boston added another draft pick to the deal. Now, Kyrie Irving is on the Celtics, and he will finally have a chance to be the first option, just like he was in Cleveland before LeBron James came back.

The reason why the Cavaliers hesitated to finalize the deal was Isaiah Thomas' health situation. Thomas suffered a hip injury during the playoffs this year, and he hasn't recovered from it yet.

Obviously, Cleveland needs Thomas and his injury is a big concern. Recent report says that the point guard could miss an extended Period Of Time, and this could cause some major issues for the Cavaliers.

Thomas could miss first four months of the season

Jason Lloyd of The Athletic reported that no one really knows when Isaiah Thomas will be back. However, the fact that he is not even running yet is a bad sign for him, and it's the reason why he might miss even more time. One source close to the situation said that there's a chance that the guard doesn't return to action before the All-Star break.

Considering that the All-Star break is in February and that the season starts earlier this year, Thomas could miss even four months of it.

Isaiah Thomas was the third-best scorer in the NBA last season and he was expected to lead the Cavaliers to another NBA Finals with LeBron James. However, his injury issues are serious and there is no doubt they will affect his team's performance.

Thomas' injury is a huge problem for Cleveland

Cleveland Cavaliers did not only lose Kyrie Irving, who was their second-best player for three years, but they also got a bunch of new additions to the team.

Whether it's a superstar like Isaiah Thomas or a bench player like Jeff Green, the Cavaliers have a lot of new players, which is something that will affect their chemistry next season.

It will take some time for the team to build chemistry and start playing better. However, with Isaiah Thomas out until January or February next year, the Cavaliers will deal with even more issues.

Most NBA teams start playing well and making their final push for the playoffs after the All-Star break, yet Cleveland will have to find a way to integrate Thomas in the lineup.

If it wasn't for Thomas' injury, the Cavaliers would be clear favorites to win the East once again. However, they will face many obstacles next season and it will be interesting to see if they can still come out on top.