In a rare appearance by Kyrie Irving since the blockbuster Trade, the former Cavaliers star appeared on ESPN's "First Take" to answer lingering questions that were left unanswered since he joined the Boston Celtics. Without wasting time, the hour-long interview gave Kyrie the opportunity to explain himself and shed some light on the incidents that led to one of the most talked about trades in the NBA.

According to Kyrie, the request for a trade was not a spur of the moment decision but a long time coming for the Celtics star. He credited his teammates for their incredible support, but there was the feeling of needing to be in a place where he can maximize his potential.

The only way to make that happen was to leave the Cavs' franchise. He further said that it took all of his patience to wait for the right moment to make the decision.

Kyrie Irving on why he wanted out

"I just wanted to be in an environment where I felt I could be taught every single day and have that demand from my coaching staff," Irving said. He denied allegations that the reason he wanted out of Cleveland is that he wanted to create his own team wherein he doesn't have to play the second man on the team. Irving said he was in a situation wherein it doesn't fit to where he pictured himself years ago and he felt like he's ready to move on be in a situation where he can be happy playing.

His decision to leave Cleveland doesn't have anything to do with wanting to not wanting to play with LeBron James.

Apparently, he felt sad that the matter went out of hand and rumors suggested, he did not want to play with James anymore. The truth is, he finally realized it was the one thing he's ready to do. Despite denying developing dislike on LeBron, he said he didn't feel obliged to tell him about his eagerness to be traded.

Kyrie on LeBron James

Going straight to the point, Kyrie Irving said, it's hard for him to care about what others think about or what they may feel about the situation when at the time, he didn't even have an idea on what to do. It's not about LeBron but the times he felt like his energy is draining everytime he played for the team.

With all the rumors surrounding on LeBron, Irving implied that there are other players in the team too, and did it ever occurred to everyone that one of them could be the reason?

Meanwhile, Kyrie took offense on the request for trade leaking out saying, it was unfair because he took pains in making sure the who process will be dealt professionally.