Kyrie Irving is a four time NBA all-star, a one time NBA champion, an all-star game MVP, a rookie of the year, a three point shooting champion and one of the most skilful players the league has seen in a very long time. But the biggest headline regarding Kyrie Irving during his career has been his surprising decision to request a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and end up being traded to the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a draft pick. This decision came as a surprise to many after Kyrie had spent his whole career up until that point in a Cavaliers jersey, and he was having the most success of his NBA career playing alongside LeBron James and other great players including Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith and more.

Irving had been to three straight NBA Finals in thanks to the homecoming of King James and the team's ability to sign key pieces to keep the team in the limelight.

But it seems Kyrie has come out to clear up why he has left the Cleveland Cavaliers and started a new chapter in his career. He joined Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take to discuss the situation.

Still going to win a championship?

A lot of people see this trade as being one that prevents Kyrie Irving from ever winning another championship or even making the NBA Finals, as instead he gets to enjoy being the superstar of a team with more freedom to take the shots he wants and play the way he wants. But Irving has put those speculations to bed when stating that he still is looking to win a championship every season, even now playing with the Boston Celtics.

Kyrie Irving was asked if he believes he can win a championship without LeBron, to which he responded with, “Oh, absolutely... time will tell.” It’s obvious that he still maintains confidence in his abilities to lead a team to the promised land, with or without the best player on the planet by his side. The Boston Celtics have struggled to make the NBA Finals in recent years, due to the matchup against the LeBron James and Kyrie Irving led Cleveland Cavaliers, but now the trade makes it a little more interesting.

The Cavs do have more depth now, and an all-star point guard in Isaiah Thomas, but some feel a series between these two teams would be more compelling now, while others still believe the Cavaliers still hold dominance in the Eastern Conference. Either way, it would be fun to see these two teams match up in a playoff series this upcoming season.

Kyrie talks relationship with LeBron

Kyrie Irving was asked a lot about LeBron James during his interview with Stephen A. and Max, and he gave some details about it. Kyrie insinuated that the media made the whole breakup between himself and LeBron to be something that was over-dramatized and taken out of proportion. Kyrie stated that he wanted to change teams for his own personal reasons, not to do with LeBron.

He shared some high praise for LeBron though, saying that “being with that guy (LeBron) was unbelievable. It was something I will relish for the rest of my life because the situations that we came across as individuals and as a team collectively, we all grew.” Kyrie talked about the day he looked himself in the mirror and visualized what he really wanted to do in his career, saying it had nothing to do with not wanting to play with LeBron James, and it was more about what he wanted individually.