After only one season with the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade decided to leave the team. Wade originally signed a two-year deal with the Bulls and the second year of his contract had a player option. Earlier this summer, the shooting guard decided to opt in and stay with the team. However, he is now a free agent and will most likely sign with another team before the season starts.

Many fans have speculated that Wade would get a buyout from the Bulls, and it has finally happened. Fortunately for the superstar guard, there are plenty of teams interested in his services.

Training camp starts next week and the NBA preseason is just a week away. Considering the timing, it wouldn't be surprising if Wade signs with another team in the next few days.

Wade received approximately $16 million from the buyout.

Dwyane Wade's options

There are two realistic destinations for Dwyane Wade after the buyout: Cleveland or Miami. While there are many more teams who are interested in the shooting guard as he brings a lot to the table, he will most likely either join LeBron James in Cleveland or go back to the Miami Heat.

Despite losing one of their best players in Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers have had a great offseason.

They added Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose, among other players, and they are ready to compete once again. One of the weaknesses the Cavaliers have are their shooting guards. This is where Wade would help a lot as he's a proven veteran who is also a three-time NBA champion.

Miami Heat could also use Wade and the fans would be happy to see him come back to the team where he started his professional career.

In the weak Eastern Conference, the Heat could rise to the top with Wade and they could make some noise in the playoffs.

Other options for Wade

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the San Antonio Spurs are also interested in the veteran shooting guard. It seems that the Oklahoma City Thunder, who recently made a blockbuster trade by acquiring Carmelo Anthony, could also land Dwyane Wade.

For Wade, it's all about the right role, and it seems that will be the biggest factor that will affect his free-agency decision. "I have a list of places that I will look at. What it’s about for me is looking at the right role. I feel I can still play," the guard said. Considering he received a lot of money from the buyout, the three-time NBA champion will definitely not be looking for a big deal, and neither of those four teams could give him one.