For weeks, Enzo Amore has been on the receiving end of all sorts of punishment inside and outside of the ring. First, he was destroyed by his former tag team partner, Big Cass. Over the past several weeks, he was beaten down by The Miz and his "Miztourage" during a match as they took out their frustrations on the trash talking lightweight. Just this past week, Braun Strowman ran Enzo over before making an example of him in the ring. That allowed Wwe Cruiserweight Champion Neville to add some further injury ahead of a championship defense on Sunday night.

At "No Mercy" the two finally met in the ring with Enzo getting a shot at the prized Cruiserweight title.

Match recap

As expected, the reigning champion Neville looked dominant for the most part of this match, often toying with his opponent. Enzo was clearly overmatched as Neville hit plenty of big moves to knock down the challenger. Early on, Neville tossed Enzo over the top rope to the outside but the challenger hung on and skinned the cat to get back in. Neville delivered a huge boot to the face as he turned and saw Enzo back in the ring.

Late in the match, Neville went to the top rope as Enzo was down on the mat.

Neville set up for Red Arrow but then waved it off to the fans. Instead, he went for a Phoenix Splash but the showboating cockiness allowed Enzo to roll out of harm's way. Moments later, Enzo went on the top rope and jumped off for a DDT on Neville. He had what looked like a winning pinfall but the champion kicked out.

New champion

The close of the match is where things got interesting. Enzo was knocked to the outside of the ring. Neville tossed him into the timekeepers' area. The challenger seemed out of it as the referee began to count him out. A seemingly dazed and confused Enzo staggered around on his feet and actually grabbed the Cruiserweight championship belt.

Enzo began staggering around more as he held up the title belt to taunt Neville. An irate Neville rushed out of the ring and went after Enzo who rushed back into the ring with the belt.

Enzo looked ready to use the belt as a weapon but the referee intervened and warned him not to. The ref took the belt away and moved away from the two men to hand it to someone outside the ring. Once Enzo saw the ref turn his back, he delivered a swift kick between Neville's legs. The champ fell to the mat clutching at his groin and Enzo pinned him to the mat.

After the ref rushed over, a three count was next and Enzo became the brand new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

WWE fans, what do you think of Enzo Amore winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at "No Mercy 2017"?