Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers have made numerous headlines this summer as the point guard was unhappy with his team and wanted to leave. The Cavaliers granted his wish and sent him to the Boston Celtics, putting an end to the drama that surrounded the team this offseason. However, Irving was not the only superstar that was included in numerous trade rumors and reports. Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks have dealt with this too.

Unlike the Cavaliers, the Knicks still haven't figured out what to do with Anthony. Considering he's a great player and a superstar, there are a lot of potential suitors for the small forward.

If the Knicks wanted to deal him to another team, they could easily find a trade partner.

While there are a lot of potential landing spots for Carmelo Anthony, it seems that the Houston Rockets are the favorites to land the forward.

Anthony is optimistic about the Houston Rockets

The Rockets have had a great offseason so far. They managed to acquire Chris Paul, who will definitely improve the team and make them one of the top contenders in the West. With Paul on the team, there is a chance that the Rockets could even be a threat to the Golden State Warriors.

Carmelo Anthony could definitely benefit from a trade as it's obvious that he is not happy in New York. Apparently, there is a good chance he gets traded to the Rockets, and it seems he is very optimistic about it.

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, Carmelo Anthony's camp is "cautiously optimistic" about the trade to the Rockets. "Two weeks ago, Carmelo's wife, La La, said the family thought a trade would have been completed by now. Mentally, Carmelo and his family have moved on to Houston. Reality is another story," Isola wrote.

Making a trade will not be easy

After the New York Knicks fired Phil Jackson, it seemed that Carmelo Anthony would stay on the team. Jackson was a big problem and he wanted to trade Carmelo to another team.

However, the superstar forward now wants to leave, and he wants to join the Houston Rockets. Even though both the Rockets and Anthony would like to join forces, making a trade won't be easy.

Houston would have to find a team that is willing to take Ryan Anderson's big contract, which is a huge problem. Anderson is owed over $60 million over the next three years, and considering that he is overpaid, finding a suitor for him is extremely difficult.

If the Rockets, however, manage to get rid of Anderson's contract, they will be just a step away from acquiring Carmelo.