What an offseason it has been for the Cleveland Cavaliers! After they let David Griffin go, things looked really bad for them. Shortly after, Kyrie Irving made it clear that he doesn't want to play for the team anymore. However, despite all their problems, the Cavaliers still managed to make some big moves and they will enter the next season as a team to beat.

Dwyane Wade was the latest addition to the Cavaliers' roster as he accepted a minimum contract a few days ago. After reaching a buyout with the Chicago Bulls, Wade had plenty of options as many teams were interested in him.

At the end, he decided to once again team up with LeBron James, but it will happen in Cleveland this time.

While the Cavaliers were clear favorites to land the shooting guard, he recently explained the reason for his decision.

Dwyane Wade's reason for choosing Cleveland

It is not a secret that Wade and James are best friends. They have a great chemistry both on and off the court, and they proved how good they can be when they play on the same team. This duo won two championships for the Miami Heat and they made four NBA Finals in as many years.

While Wade is no longer the same player he was when LeBron joined him in South Beach, he can still play well and he knows what it takes to win it all. As it turns out, James played a big role in recruiting Wade.

"He texted me to just take my temperature a little bit..." Wade told Rachel Nichols of ESPN. "Then he hit me again later, like, 'I don't know what you're gonna do. I don't know where your mind is right now, but if something happens in Chicago and you guys decide to part ways, I want you to really consider coming to Cleveland.'"

The shooting guard also mentioned that he and James discussed teaming up earlier this month.

It happened when these two players worked out together in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that LeBron did a great job bringing his friend to the Cavaliers, and it will be incredibly exciting to watch them dominate the league once again.

Wade's other options

Carmelo Anthony, who recently joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, tried to get Wade to sign with his team.

Even though they are friends, Wade decided to join LeBron James' team instead.

Beside the Thunder and the Cavaliers, the veteran shooting guard could have also joined the San Antonio Spurs. Another option was going back to the team where he started it all, the Miami Heat. At the end, Wade chose a championship contender and his best friend. Undoubtedly, this was the best option as he now has a great chance to win his fourth championship ring.