This has been exciting offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they have drastically changed their roster. The reigning Eastern Conference lost one of their best players in Kyrie Irving, but they have gained much more and should be a better team next season. Since they have a lot of new players, they will have to figure out their lineups and which five players will start.

Cleveland Cavaliers' latest addition to the roster was Dwyane Wade, who was expected to be a starter. According to a few sources, the Cavaliers promised the guard he would start if he signs with them.

However, it seems that they have other plans, and Wade's starting position is in question. Apparently, the team is leaning toward J.R. Smith as a starting shooting guard, and the former Chicago Bulls guard would come off the bench.

Dwyane Wade vs. J.R. Smith

Even though he is 35, Dwyane Wade is still a great player and he should be tremendous for the Cavaliers. While Wade isn't exactly great as a first option, there is no doubt he can play well behind LeBron James, Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas. He is not as athletic as he used to be, but his basketball IQ is still high and he knows what it takes to win a championship.

On the other side, J.R. Smith is a decent scorer who can make shots from the long range.

Three-point shooting is Wade's biggest weakness, and that could be the reason why he the Cavaliers decide to bring him off the bench. Furthermore, next season will be Smith's fourth season in Cleveland, which means he is already familiar with the team and he's also a good fit for it.

Smith's comments regarding Wade

J.R. Smith recently commented on the situation, saying it doesn't matter who starts and who comes off the bench.

“I’m not going to sit here and get into a ‘blank’ measuring contest with Dwyane Wade,” Smith said. “I’m not going to win that. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to continue to work hard for our team and however they choose to do it, that’s who it’s going to be.”

Wade in the second unit

Head coach Tyronn Lue has already experimented with Wade as a part of the second unit.

Beside Wade, the Cavaliers would have Kyle Korver, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson and Jeff Green in the unit. Starting lineup would consist of Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Jae Crowder, Kevin Love and Smith.

Lue said he already has a plan, but he is not going to reveal who's going to be a starter yet. However, he did say that Wade performed well and had a great flow and chemistry, so there's a good chance that it will be J.R. Smith who will be put into the starting lineup.