The MLB Umpires Association is ready to take a stand. You might think that they are planning to wear white wristbands in solidarity for those harmed by bigotry or oppression. You may think that they are staging a war against a certain disease such as cancer, or you may have thought that the umpires were speaking up for the homeless and disenfranchised populations of America. You would be wrong. The umpires are wearing white wristbands in solidarity over verbal abuse from players.

They are protesting recent events

The MLB Umpires Association is protesting in-part because of the suspension of Joe West for commenting that Adrian Beltre was the biggest complainer in the Major Leagues.

For Beltre's part, he said that he thought West was joking and that it was funny. I tend to believe that West was answering a question in jest, and he simply wanted to have a bit of a laugh. The umpires, however, have bigger fish to fry.

Verbal abuse in baseball is a problem

Verbal abuse in baseball is a problem on both sides. Players should not be screaming at umpires, and umpires should not be talking back. The simplest way to resolve most problems is to let it go. The baseball season is too long, and the players play too hard to spend their time arguing with one another. Players may be upset by judgement calls during the game, and they have a right to be angry when these calls impact the outcome of the game.

However, they should not constantly berate the officials. These men must work together every day, and they must be careful with one another.

Taking a stand looks silly

The optics of this situation are not good for the umpires. They could have banded together to do a number of things, but they have chosen to band together over arguing with other grown men.

Grown men who cannot stop arguing with one another need to take a look in the mirror and consider what they are doing. There is no need to have a wristband, and the umpires probably need to make another statement that will coincide with something that does some good. The MUA will find that they may parlay these wristbands into something positive instead of claiming they are somehow a disenfranchised community.

Major League Baseball has a bit of an image problem as it relates to the intellect behind the game. It is not all that intelligent-looking when the players and umpires are screaming at one another, and it looks worse when the umpires claim to be put upon. It is a game. Please remember that.