Aaron Judge is the surprise sensation of the current baseball season. He has been discussed as an amazing August callup from last season, and he is pairing with Gary Sanchez to give the Yankees youth that could propel them for another decade-long run in the American League. He had a stellar first half of the season, won the Home Run Derby, and he promised to continue in the second half. His hitting has died down of late, and that is due in-part to the way strikes are called on him.

The strike zone is not set in stone

The Strike Zone in Major League Baseball has changed since the time of the "Murderer's Row" Yankees, and it has changed because of the way the game is played.

Someone who has watched the game for some time knows that the strike zone shifts and they are watching it shift in real-time with the umpiring of Aaron Judge.

Analysis tells the tale

Analysis of the strikes that have been called on Aaron Judge has changed to the point where strikes that were once called are now balls. The strikes that are called on Aaron Judge today are out of his sweet spot, and he is slumping as a result. Surely, pitchers are figuring out how to pitch to him better, and they are making adjustments to pitch to him in a more effective way. However, the game of Major League Baseball corrects itself because of the human factor that is involved in umpiring.

More information

We have not had this much information before, and it is important to remember that a number of people who are watching the MLB can see how much strike calls have changed on Aaron Judge.

we once threw up our hands and assumed that he was figured out, but we now see that something is truly changing in the second half of the season. Are all umpires attempting to railroad Aaron Judge? No. Are umpires adjusting to the way the game is played? Yes.

Will Judge develop?

Aaron Judge will develop quite a lot over the end of this season and the offseason.

He fixed his swing and batting philosophy over the offseason, and he will adjust to work against pitchers who believe they have figured him out. It is important to remember that he is a very young man who will swing the pendulum back to the umpires. We may well come back to this time next year and see a new analysis of strike calls that are made on Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge and Major League Baseball will change to oppose each other with every swing of the bat. We cannot change this circumstance unless we take the human element out of the game. Unfortunately, the most-powerful union in sports is the MLB umpire's union.