Aroldis Chapman has been taken out of the closer role for the yankees. That in and of itself is a story. Chapman comes to the mound with great fanfare, and he is a singular talent who is slumping badly at the moment. We must consider why removing him from the closer role is a bad decision, and it will show in many parts of his life.

I remember his debut

Chapman's debut for the Cincinnati Reds was a major event, and I remember it like it was yesterday. He threw pitches over 100 miles per hour multiple times, and he was greeted with cheers upon cheers.

He closed many games for the Reds, and he created a fun atmosphere around the ends of games. He was let go by the Reds because of a domestic incident that involved a gun, and he has been bandied about by the Cubs and Yankees ever since.

He is a hired gun

Chapman must feel like the hired assassin that closes game because that is how he has been treated since he was picked up by the Yankees after the Reds decided to part ways with him. He was sent to the Cubs because they needed a closer, he won a World Series, and he went right back to the Yankees for more money. He was overused in the World Series, and that fact has been noted many times. He is not damaged goods, but he is likely worn out.

He needs rest

Chapman needs rest more than he needs to be removed from his role as the closer. He should not be taken out of that spot because he has an ego that must be cared for carefully. Pitchers lose confidence quickly, and it is better to give him a few days off than it is to strip him of his title. He has worn that title well in the past, and he should be allowed to wear it in the future.

Someone who has watched him pitch knows that he is more than capable, and he should not be removed from that role because he started the season as the closer. Joe Gerardi may want to make a change in the offseason, but that is the offseason. Bruce Bochy won three World Series with three closers in San Francisco, and that is a much better choice for the team as it moves forward.

Trading for value

The Yankees may not trade him today, but trading Chapman for value may be the way to go. Someone who wants to pick up a better closer may give back some prospects the Yankees can use, and the team will improve more for the future. we are forgetting that the Yankees are technically ahead of schedule, and they may not need Chapman in the future. Losing his job now does nothing for Chapman or the Yankees as they attempt to make the playoffs.