Last week, Matt and Jeff Hardy gave the biggest hint regarding the return of their "Broken" gimmick. This gimmick is very well known amongst the WWE Universe and they have been pretty successful with it. Matt and Jeff Hardy gave some huge hints at a Raw Fallout interview. Matt Hardy teased the Woken Hardys and in his latest tweet he has dropped a hint by calling himself Woke which rhymes with the word "Broke." It seems the return of "The Broken Hardys" may come under the name of The Woken Hardys.

The Hardy's lost their tag team titles rematch with the tag champions Sheamus and Cesaro.

The Hardys have been out of the tag team titles for some time now and are currently involved in a rivalry with The Revival. Their rivalry with Sheamus and Cesaro has ended and the tag team champions are now involved in rivalry with former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.


The team of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy has been in the world of wrestling for the last three decades. They debuted as teenagers in WWE and even worked as jobbers in their initial period. The Hardy Boys have had rivalries with the teams like Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian and other teams. The triple threat tag team match at Wrestlemania where The Hardy Boys faced the teams of Edge and Christian and Dudley Boys is one of the most memorable matches of all time.

Everyone still the remembers the moment when Jeff Hardy leapt from the top of the ladder in that match by the "Rated-R Superstar" Edge.

The biggest return

The Hardy Boys recently made their return to WWE after eight years at Wrestlemania 33 and surprised everyone by becoming the new Raw tag team champion. They returned in a match they made famous which was the ladder match against three other tag teams.

Jeff Hardy jumped off the ladder in that match which was one of the best moment of this year's Wrestlemania.

Jeff Vs. Matt

They have both wrestled all over the world. Once they both squared off in a "Brother Vs. Brother" match at Wrestlemania 25. Matt Hardy was a heel at that time who screwed Jeff Hardy according to the WWE storyline.

Matt Hardy was the one responsible for Jeff's defeat against Edge in a championship match. Due to his interference, Jeff lost the championship against Edge and this fueled a rivalry between the Hardy brothers leading to a "Brother Vs. Brother" WrestleMania main event. Matt Hardy emerged victorious in the WrestleMania match but after a month, there was an "I Quit" rematch between them where Jeff Hardy successfully made Matt Hardy say "I Quit".