Terrell Davis is one of this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees despite a career that was cut short due to injuries. However, during his six-year NFL career, Davis helped the Denver Broncos win two Super Bowls while winning the MVP of Super Bowl XXXII. He was a two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year and led the league in rushing in 1998. He was also a two-time rushing touchdowns leader (1996, 1998) and was named to the 1990’s NFL All-Decade Team. With that said, if anyone has earned the right to name the best running back playing today, it is Terrell Davis.

Davis’ pick for the best running back today

Terrell Davis was asked who he would choose if he needed to start an NFL team with one single running back. Davis said that his choice would easily be Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back Le’Veon Bell. According to Davis, he has never seen a running back that has the patience that Bell has. Davis also said that Bell can do more than most other running backs, including catching the ball out of the backfield. However, what impresses Davis most is the patience of Le’Veon.

According to Terrell Davis, he has spoken to other teams about Le’Veon Bell and everyone is amazed by the patience he exhibits when running the ball. He said that Bell can just stop and walk before exploding out with a monster run.

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back does this on a regular basis. Terrell said that it is remarkable to watch the Steelers’ running back play and run the ball.

Bell’s accomplishments

Terrell Davis is considered one of the best postseason running backs in NFL history. Last season, Le’Veon Bell had back-to-back playoff games with over 150 yards rushing.

That was actually the first time that had happened in the NFL since Terrell did it for the Broncos. Those two games were 167 yards against the Miami Dolphins and 170 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs. Sadly, Bell was injured after that and wasn’t able to help the Pittsburgh Steelers against the New England Patriots.

Le’Veon Bell has also improved every year of his career.

After averaging 66.2 yards per game in his rookie year, he raised that total to 85.1 in 2014, 92.7 in 2015, and 105.7 in 2016. After four NFL seasons, Bell ranks eighth in NFL history in yards-per-game (86.1) and he is just getting better as the years go on. However, Le’Veon Bell is not at the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp and has yet to sign the franchise tag agreement that the Steelers slapped on him, making his 2017 season a giant question mark.