For 10 years, Joe Thomas has been the best offensive lineman on an otherwise disappointing Cleveland Browns team. While Thomas has been a 10-time Pro Bowl player and a seven-time First-team All-Pro, he has never made the playoffs and the Browns have lost more games than almost any other NFL team during that period of time. After arguably the best NFL Draft of the Browns last decade, Joe Thomas seems encouraged by the top overall pick for the Browns this year – Myles Garrett.

Myles Garrett

Joe Thomas is lining up across from Myles Garrett in training camp, so he has one of the best looks at what the Cleveland Browns and fan can expect from the No.

1 overall pick in 2017. According to Thomas, it is easy to see why Garrett was the first overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. One thing that Thomas said will make a difference when it comes to Garrett’s play this season is his speed. Thomas said that Garrett has the athleticism that few other players in the NFL have.

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson and Hall of Fame star Bruce Smith both see how special Myles Garrett is. The both see a humility in him and a willingness to learn and listen to those who came before him. However, when an All-Pro offensive lineman says that Myles Garrett has the athleticism that no one else in the NFL possesses, it causes one to take notice. Joe Thomas noted that the Browns are bringing him along the right way and are making Myles earn his spot with the team.

Garrett comparisons

Joe Thomas said that the speed isn’t the only trait that makes Myles Garrett special. According to Thomas, most guys who have the speed of Garrett are between 220 and 230 pounds. However, Thomas said that Garrett is more powerful than players at that weight range. Myles has the speed and quickness he does while weighing 271 pounds.

According to Joe Thomas, Myles Garrett reminds him of players like Dwight Freeney, Kahlil Mack, Demarcus Ware, and Terrell Suggs. That is high praise by the Cleveland Browns offensive lineman and he said that Garrett can join that class and category of players. Thomas admitted that the youngster still has a lot to learn but he will be one of the best pass rushers in the NFL before all is said and done.

The Cleveland Browns will rely on a four-man defensive line to rush the passer this year and Myles Garrett should anchor that young, impressive line. He joins other high round draft picks like Danny Shelton (2015) and Emmanuel Ogbah (2016).