The team of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy has been ruling the tag team divisions for over 3 decades now. The Hardy Boys is a legendary tag team which has performed and gained popularity all over the world.The Hardys have dropped a huge hint on the past episode of RAW regarding their famous "Broken" gimmick.

Will there be a return of this gimmick?

After losing to Sheamus and Cesaro in a first-ever tag team iron man match at "Great Balls of Fire", The Hardy Boys came to address the WWE universe next night on RAW. They admitted to failing again to reclaim their RAW tag team titles which they lost against Sheamus and Cesaro in the previous pay-per-view "Extreme Rules".

Both of them mentioned about the broken brilliance in the promo.

Jeff Hardy mentioned of becoming obsolete. He claimed that The Hardys have not lost their edge. "Maybe we should just fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete, " said Jeff. They came out to make a proclamation that they are not going anywhere and they are nowhere near done. They claimed to have just begun to spread the magic. But they were interrupted by The Club.

Further in the conversation between them, Matt Hardy mentioned the word "broken" in his speech. "Neither of us is 100 percent. We are a little stitched up, a little bruised and somewhat broken", said Matt Hardy. All in all, there were numerous references to the Broken gimmick of The Hardys.

Followed by this, there was a match between the team of Jeff and Matt Hardy and the team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The Hardys lost the match as they were already in a lot of pain due to their match at "Great Balls of Fire". After the match ended, The Hardy Boys were brutally attacked by The Revival. All these things together may prove to be a perfect situation to bring out the Broken gimmick.

The WWE universe keeps chanting "delete" & "obsolete" chants throughout the matches of The Hardy Boys. It seems that the entire WWE universe is waiting for the arrival of The Broken Hardys to WWE.

Origin of Broken Hardys

The Broken Hardys gimmick came into play in 2015, during the time when Matt and Jeff Hardy were in impact wrestling.

This happened after the "I Quit" match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy lost the match and gave birth to his Broken gimmick. This gimmick was certainly the best gimmick in all of professional wrestling in 2016 and first few months of 2017 after which The Hardys came to WWE.

There have been several references to their Broken gimmick during the past episodes of Monday Night Raw. This is also evident in their style of fighting in the ring. Everyone in WWE universe is eagerly waiting for the day when Broken Matt and Brother Nero come out with their broken brilliance.