The Miami Dolphins suffered a big blow recently with quarterback Ryan Tannehill incurring a knee injury. This means that the team is no one quarterback short, likely forcing them to consider a free agent quarterback still available in the market.

Among the names that immediately cropped up include Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler. Both are still available in the market though signing either up would depend on need.

How severe is Tannehill’s injury?

Right now, it all boils down to the extent of Tannehill’s injury and how long he would be out. Matt Moore is still around to hold the fort for the Dolphins though it may not be good for the entire NFL season.

Hence, head coach Adam Gase is twiddling his thumbs to figure out if Miami can last the season and offer a credible showing.

Between Cutler and Kaepernick, the former may have the inside track. He and Gasse were together back in 2015 with the Chicago Bears, meaning chemistry can easily be established. But this is if Cutler is willing to play on.

The 34-year-old NFL player retired in the offseason and ended up at the Fox broadcast booth. He followed the footsteps of Tom Brady though there is growing belief that Cutler may reconsider and place his TV analysis on hold for a chance to suit up.

Kaepernick connection

Then again, Gase does have some ties with Kaepernick though not as deeps at that with Cutler.

Apparently, Gase was in line to take over the San Francisco 49ers in 2015. While there is no concrete evidence that both could have ended up working together, it seems that Dolphins coach was pretty much open to handling the controversial quarterback.

Assuming Gase is open to the idea, his decision may not matter if higher-ranking officials thumb down the idea.

The case is no different from the Baltimore Ravens who claim that Steve Bisciotti had nothing to do with the issue. Rather, it was more on consulting with advertisers if they were fine with Kaepernick suiting up for Baltimore.

Though the Dolphins are a different ballclub, it could be the same case as well. The injury to Tannehill is still fresh so that problem (either with the owners or the advertisers) should follow assuming it is an issue.

Most are apparently at odds with the former 49er, mainly because of his social activism which most believe has worked against him.

Aside from that, there is also a likely assessment to be made on Kaepernick. He didn’t really make an impact when he saw action last season for San Francisco, the aftermath of which was seen with their woeful win-loss record (2-14).