It looks like Cleveland Cavalier's Kyrie Irving is not the only player who wants to be traded. In light of his request to be traded, another NBA player did the same, and this time, it's Houston Rockets', Patrick Beverly. Fortunately for Beverly, he landed on a team that he thinks capable of utilizing his talents and he thanked the franchise for the good call. According to the Woj Pod and featured on Yahoo! Sports, Beverley said " asked for it. I asked for a bigger opportunity, a bigger chance to display my skills on a high level. And I was fortunate that the Rockets did good with me and put me in a situation where I can thrive and be successful.

According to reports, Patrick Beverly made the trade request before the Chris Paul trade. Meanwhile, is the Houston Rockets planning on building an empire following the trade? The franchise apparently managed to trade Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins and Kyle Wiltjer for Chris Paul. Additionally, cash incentives were also dealt with the Dallas Mavericks after acquiring DeAndre Liggins.

Did Chris Paul request the trade?

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, on the other hand, shared an interesting story about Chris Paul leaving the Clippers. In his statement, he said, the star player left the team because he wanted to play alongside James Harden.

He also added that he wished his former player the best. As for the trade, Rivers believed, his team was equally blessed for acquiring Patrick Beverly and Montrezl.

He also added that Chris Paul's decision to leave the LA Clippers has nothing to do with the rumored issues against DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin or Rivers himself.

Apparently, none of those were true, making clear of Paul's intention to leave the team. Did Doc Rivers upset Chris Paul? Maybe, but that's in the form of an unsuccessful trade that could have landed the Clippers veteran player Carmelo Anthony. The catch? The deal included Doc Rivers' son Austin and so the trade did not materialize.

The Kyrie and Patrick trade

In other news, Patrick Beverly's request to be traded escalated in a much more positive situation than Kyrie Irving's request. According to the latest reports, with no clear offers on the Kyrie trade, the young point guard may, after all, stay with the team for another season. The last team to give lay its offer is the Minnesota Timberwolves who declined to include Andrew Wiggins in the trade deal.