Kyrie Irving requesting a trade is perhaps one of the biggest shockers in the NBA offseason right now. As expected, many were devastated – and in utter disbelief, as a franchise player of six years wants to have his name removed from the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is not only heartbreaking to LeBron James, but also to the fans who thought of the point guard as a hero.

According to SB Nation, Kyrie Irving requested that the team’s front office trade him this coming summer. In fact, this request was already made last week and it was only recently that the news broke out.

To the wondering fans out there, here is everything about this shocking turn of events.

Why is the NBA superstar requesting a trade?

Reports suggest that the main reason why Irving wants out is simply because of a personal desire. He does not want to play alongside James, who is arguably among the top-tier players in the league. Irving’s decision stems from his desire to be on a team in which he is the focal point, the main guy, so to speak. He is reportedly tired of being James’ sidekick, something that he is actually known for ever since the four-time MVP returned to Cleveland.

Whichever team Kyrie Irving will go to, he will definitely win the ire of many Cavaliers fans. Perhaps suffer the same “burning” fate of James back when he left Cleveland for Miami?

It seems a bit of a stretch, but still likely. This also puts the entire team in jeopardy, as a player of superstar caliber is exiting. They were even having a hard time competing against the Golden State Warriors, and for sure, with Irving out, they are likely to face the same fate. Heck, they might even be struggling in the entire Eastern division.

But as they say, the “ball is round.”

Why the decision?

As mentioned above, Kyrie Irving wants out because he is sick of acting as LeBron’s Robin. But truth is, it is more about having the desire to be in the spotlight – alone. Sure, James and Irving had a great duo, let alone the plays they make alongside Kevin Love. But of course, Irving is also dreaming of a chance to prove himself.

He wants to let the world know that he can be successful without James’ help.

Moreover, Kyrie Irving came into the league as an undisputed No. 1 overall pick, which is the same level with James. History, on the other hand, states that the ones who are willing to take the sidekick role are the minorities. Both Irving and James are simply alpha males, and there are two in a group, it is hard to make them work with each other on a long-term basis.