Just a few weeks ago, the entire basketball community was in shock following Kyrie Irving’s trade request. He basically wanted to leave LeBron James’ shadow to pursue a team in which he would be the focal point. As expected, tons of dramas and rumors surfaced.

According to ESPN, however, this so-called trade request from Kyrie Irving might not happen at all. In fact, it was the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert who seemed to confirm it. Here is everything about this surprising turn of events.

Irving to return to training camp

First and foremost, Irving’s trade request is true, and almost all media outlets can confirm it.

However, the decision to allow the All-Star point guard relies is up to the front office. After all, he still has a contract to honor the organization. Interestingly, Gilbert iterated that they are still not sure if they plan to deal the NBA superstar. “He’s a core piece of what we’ve done,” Gilbert explained. He continued to describe Irving for being a “tremendous player,” one who contributed so much to the franchise. Gilbert added that they will continue to “keep this stuff in house,” as Irving is a core piece of what they do and who they are as an organization.

Interestingly though, Gilbert and the rest of the people in the front office will not confirm if the trade request indeed happened.

In fact, he is confident that Kyrie Irving would be part of the training camp for the upcoming 2017-18 season, which opens come September 25. Although unconfirmed, it is safe to say that Gilbert wants Irving to be part of the team still. It is true, however, that the point guard is still under contract for at least two or three years.

Gilbert explained that Irving is among the best players in their team, thus they expect him to be in the camp.

What this actually means?

Perhaps Gilbert is just trying to convey an optimistic look, most especially with the beef between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. The latter, on the other hand, has yet to confirm everything about the buzz.

This, among others, only made the topic an interesting thing to look forward to. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers just signed Derrick Rose for a one-year deal, minimum veteran salary. This agreement came just days after Irving’s trade request surfaced. Obviously, the management was trying to cover the void that Irving would leave as soon as he gets out (if he does).

Right now, reports are suggesting that Cavaliers players are hoping for James and Kyrie Irving to reconcile. After all, they are the core players of the team. Without them, it is almost impossible for the organization to have another run at the finals next season.