A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Kyrie Irving wants to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers as he demanded a trade to another team. This came as a shock for the Cavaliers and their fanbase as they didn't expect Irving to want to leave so soon, especially since he is on a championship-contending team. Instead, the fans hoped the Cavaliers would sign a big-name free agent this offseason, which hasn't been the case.

Irving's trade request surprised the entire league and a lot of players talked about it. Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who is one of the biggest Irving's rivals, also commented on the situation.

Curry has been with the Warriors his entire career and it seems he will stay there for a lot more years. Unlike Kyrie Irving, Curry has no problem sharing the floor with superstars as long as it means winning a championship.

The biggest reason why Irving is demanding a trade is because he doesn't want to be the second option on the team anymore. The All-Star point guard wants to be the focal point of the team, but as long as LeBron James is in Cleveland, that won't be possible. Irving knows what it means to lead the team as he was the Cavaliers' franchise player for three years, during LeBron's tenure with the Miami Heat.

Curry's comments on Kyrie Irving's situation

Steph Curry said the following regarding Kyrie Irving and his situation in Cleveland: "At the end of [the] day nothing's really surprising when it comes to storylines and things like that from year to year.

It's just kind of the nature of the beast. I'm sure if something does happen I'll be able to talk about it more, but right now he's still on Cleveland's team."

The two-time MVP understands the nature of the league and he definitely expects the unexpected. Curry is probably a big reason why Irving wants to leave the Cavaliers.

Even though the Cavaliers point guard wants to be the first option and run his own team, the loss Cleveland suffered in the last NBA Finals definitely caused some problems for the team.

LeBron James left the Miami Heat after their NBA Finals loss in 2014 against the San Antonio Spurs, and this time it could be his teammate that is leaving the best team in the East.

Losing affects team chemistry and the truth is that the chemistry between the Cavaliers is not really good.

Where will Kyrie Irving land?

According to reports, 20 NBA teams are interested in Kyrie Irving and six of them made a trade offer to the Cavaliers. While it's still too early to talk about his potential destination, it's a fact that Irving doesn't care much about winning as long as he can run his own team.

It is very unlikely that the Cavaliers keep Irving after this summer. The damage is done and it seems that the point guard has reached a point of no return. Getting traded to another team would definitely be the best option for both Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers.