LeBron James is definitely not enjoying this summer as his Cleveland Cavaliers are falling apart. Three years ago, James came back to Cleveland in order to help them win their first NBA championship, and he finally achieved it in 2016. However, even though his team has had a lot of success since his return, it seems that things are falling apart as Kyrie Irving no longer wants to play for the Cavaliers.

Last month, it was revealed that the All-Star point guard wants to be traded to another team. According to reliable sources, Kyrie Irving doesn't want to be in LeBron's shadow anymore and he wants to run his own team.

In Cleveland, it is impossible since everyone knows that it's James who runs the show. LeBron James is not only the best player on the Cavaliers, but arguably the best player in the entire NBA, so it makes sense that Irving wants out.

It seems that Irving's trade demand has affected his relationship with James, which is not surprising at all. Considering everything that's recently happened between the two of them, it's hard to think they will be on the same team next season. Recently, the four-time MVP seemingly took shot at his teammate on Twitter.

LeBron James' Twitter post

LeBron is well known for expressing his thoughts over social media, especially his Twitter account. On Monday night, the Cavaliers forward posted a tweet which caused a lot of controversy.

James simply posted a message saying, "Never let another ride your wave!!!"

Now, while this tweet might not mean much, a lot of fans think that James was subtweeting Kyrie Irving. Of course, this wouldn't be the first time that James is doing it as he's taken plenty of shots at his teammate before, as well as other players.

Last month, there were a lot of reports saying that LeBron James is frustrated with the Cavaliers after they let David Griffin go. It seems that the situation hasn't changed much since then, and the Cavaliers' offseason is a big reason for that. Not only did they lose a great general manager in Griffin, but they will most likely lose Kyrie Irving as well.

How will this situation affect the Cavaliers?

Kyrie Irving will probably be traded to another team this summer and the Cavaliers will lose one of the best point guards in the league. Even if they get a great player in return, it is questionable how he will fit in with the Cavaliers and if LeBron James can lead the new-look team to the NBA Finals once again.

The Cavaliers have made three straight NBA Finals, but if they don't change something soon, their streak could easily end next year.