Playing in the preseason is a time for teams to tool up for the new season. They have many things to do to set their rosters, and they must ensure that they have taken every precaution to put the right people on their teams. They do not expect to find reminders of the season before, and. They often do not find confetti left in the stadium. The Patriots found just such a thing at their preseason game with Houston, and they wonder if the stadium should be cleaned more thoroughly.

Confetti is hard to clean

Patriots players reported finding leftover confetti in the stadium, and it is funny to think about how the Patriots must have felt to see that on the ground.

They are a new roster this year, but it surely provided a laugh. Teams in the NFL are said to have no memory, and they often say that they do not go back to past because they cannot change it. Houston did not lose to them in the Super Bowl, but it must be odd for the Texans players and staff to find confetti in the stadium.

Why is this a story?

The NFL owns the news cycle in sports in a way that no other league can. They have found a way to make everything about their league interesting, and they have ensured that we will all be watching, reading, and listening. This is a bit of a distraction from things that relate to the Patriots specifically. They are asked constantly if they will go undefeated, and they are asked if they have designs on winning another Super Bowl.

They never answer these questions, and it is important to remember that bringing up the Super Bowl even through confetti will not get answers from The Patriots.

We should respect the Texans

It must be disheartening for the Texans to have all this confetti in their stadium when they know that it has nothing to do with them. The stadium is theirs and theirs alone, and they should not be forced to share it with memories that are not their own.

It is a small blow for a professional sports team, but I think it is worth mentioning that this team has a new hope in Deshaun Watson. Finding Super Bowl confetti lain on the ground is not a good way to welcome your new quarterback to the city. If the team does not clean its stadium, what else does it not keep clean?

Houston has dropped the ball on cleaning their stadium, but they have far greater prospects for the future with a new quarterback and amazing defense. Someone who is watching this team ought to know that they are more than the dumping ground for Patriots confetti. They are a new hope in the AFC.