Dwyane Wade's first season with the Chicago Bulls wasn't exactly amazing as the team dealt with numerous issues. Individually, Wade did not have a bad season, but he got injured, once again, and it became clear that these are his last years in the NBA. Despite all the problems the shooting guard dealt with in Chicago, he will stay there for another year as he opted in to his $23.8 million player option earlier this summer.

However, even though he is currently under contract with the Bulls, he may not be on the team roster when the season starts.

The reason for this is because the Bulls are willing to buy his contract out and rebuild without him. If Wade's contract gets bought out, he will become a free agent and will be able to sign with whatever NBA team he wants to.

Bulls are expected to buy Wade's contract out

ESPN's Nick Friedell reported that Wade is expected to reach a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls in next few months. While this period is indefinite, there is a chance that the two sides reach the buyout before the season starts.

Despite the fact that he is no longer a superstar and that his best years are behind him, Dwyane Wade can still play well and be of the top shooting guards in the NBA.

He would be a great fit for a championship-caliber team, as well a team that needs a veteran and a leader.

Dwyane Wade: Going to Cleveland or Miami

As a free agent, Wade could decide to join his friend LeBron James in Cleveland and help the Cavaliers regain their championship title. Wade and James did some amazing things in Miami, where they played together for four years, and they might do it again in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers are dealing with a lot of issues this offseason and they could definitely use Wade's presence to improve their chances of winning a championship. If Kyrie Irving leaves the team, the former Miami Heat guard would be a suitable replacement as he is capable of playing at point guard position as well.

However, Wade could also go back to the Heat as they have a mid-level exception they could use to sign him.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith talked about Wade's potential destinations, saying he will either go to Cleveland or Miami. When talking about his return to Miami, Smith said the following, "It will either be this season, or he’ll make a pit stop in Cleveland for one final championship run with LeBron James before going back to Miami."

With Wade in Cleveland, the Cavaliers could be a threat to the Golden State Warriors and possibly win a championship next year. However, we will see what the shooting guard plans to do and if he is interested in chasing another championship ring.