Mike Martz was once the architect of the "Greatest Show on Turf," and he was once the coach of the Rams after Dick Vermeil retired. He has some harsh words for new coach Sean McVay who is barely over 30 years old. The exact quotes are not so important, but the sentiment of the comments will leave you wondering why teams ever take on retread coaches.

Who is Sean McVay?

Sean Mcvay is the grandson of the McVay who built the San Francisco 49ers in the 80s, and he is the son of the general manager of the ABC affiliate in Atlanta. He has a long track record of success in his family, and he has been in coaching since he got out of college.

McVay immediately started coaching because he did not believe playing was an option, and he latched on with Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay. Burden is a fan, and that connection helped him find his way to working with Mike Shanahan in Washington. He was managing an offense that made Kirk Cousins a lot of money, and he is now the head coach of the Rams.

Martz was off base

Martz has a problem with young coaches in the league perhaps because he believes that they have not paid their dues, and he probably has a problem with the Rams because they fired him when he could not repeat the success that he had in the early days with Dick Vermeil. We may never know because Martz says that the quotes have been sensationalized, but he clearly has a problem with something that is going on in LA.

Young coaches could change the league

Young coaches like McVay could change the league for the better because they are much more apt to teach their players to tackle properly, and they will use offenses that make the game safer. The passing offenses that have been created for the modern day create less hitting, and someone like McVay could protect Jared Goff because he needs support.

There are many people who are hoping that young coaches such as this will save their quarterbacks, and it is something that could turn around teams such as the 49ers, Rams, and Redskins. Martz likely does not want to see the game change, but he does not have a choice.

The game passed him by

Mike Martz has been passed by by the NFL, and the game is so much different from what he was coaching when he won a Super Bowl with the Rams.

It is so different that his offense would not work no matter who was running it, and the younger coaches are more likely to adapt to the league. McVay is capable of making changes to make the Rams competitive, and we shall see if it works.