The Bears are in need of a quarterback who will solidify their future, and they may have found him in Mitchell Trubisky. Someone who is trying to make predictions about this upcoming season cannot be sure if Trubisky will be the savior, but it is clear that the Bears are intrigued by what Trubisky can do. There are many people who want to see Trubisky be great right now, but John Fox is willing to be cautious and patient with their rookie QB. The people who are on the Bears' roster are not seeing Trubisky take all the first-team snaps, and that is an important thing going forward.

Being the savior never works

Being the savior of any football team is too hard for someone, and there are many people who have tried over time. David Carr is out of the league because he could not save the Texans, and Tim Couch was out of the league because he could not save the Browns. There are other instances of players who have not saved their teams, and I believe that someone who is asked to do too much too soon will fail. The Bears have one chance to get this right before they have a full-on revolt from their fan base. No one is more upset about the state of their team right now, but Trubisky is not a Joe Montana type who will fix everything right now.

Trubisky has not played regular games

The Regular Season will tell a different tale for Trubisky because teams will plan for him. He will need time to adjust to the proper speed of the game, and he will have teams coming at him with real defenses that are very hard to read. Someone like you and I cannot do that, and Trubisky has not read defenses of that style yet.

No one plays that style of defense in college, and he must be given time to fail first. Peyton Manning did not have the best first couple of seasons, but he turned out to be the best regular season quarterback of all-time. He went to several Super Bowls, won two of them, and we love him. Trubisky could do the same things, but he needs time to do that.

Therefore, the Bears are holding him back just to be sure.

Let us see

We should wait to see what Trubisky will do over the balance of this season. We can make value judgements on him after the season is over, and we can start to compare him to people such as Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariotta, Deshaun Watson, and Jared Goff. He must measure up to those players, and then he may progress past that point to being the player who truly leads the Bears all the time even though he only plays half of the time.