Sam Darnold leads the crop of AP All-Americans for the preseason, and he is at the head of a very long list of good players. However, he is the only one who is so hotly contested. He is the quarterback that the Jets could be tanking for, and he is the quarterback that could create a magical national title run. USC is in the best position it has been in in years, and they now must make use of him before he runs off for the NFL.

He has a gift

Darnold is one of the most physically gifted people we have seen on a football field in some time. He is a stocky player who can take the hits that would come with play in the NFL, and he is big enough to see over that massive offensive line at USC.

Teams around the NFL would love to have him, and he could be a good player in the NFL as his prospects are quite high. The problem comes with how much success he will find in Los Angeles this year, how much that will entice him, and if he will enter the draft.

He is not required to enter the draft

Darnold could stay at USC for another year if he wanted to, and he may do so if he wins a national title. There is a lot of allure in winning, and the USC team that he heads could easily make the college football Playoff this year. Darnold would be silly to go to the NFL if he is not ready, and he may not want to play for any of the teams that could draft him.

The Jets are there

We may run across a situation where the Jets are in the best position to draft Darnold.

They seem to be cleaning house in an attempt to draft him when the time comes, but he could tell the Jets he will not play with them. He could stay in school, or the Jets could be so broken he would fail in his rookie year. Someone who is watching college football carefully must listen to every word Darnold says because he will eventually give us something on how he feels about playing for the Jets.

There are many people who do not think he will be happy in New York, and it may be better for him to go to the Rams or Chargers.

The season is upon us

Darnold could be hurt this season, or he could throw for 5,000 yards. Another team could fall in love with the pick, and the Jets could win too many games. It would not not take much to see Darnold in another city in the upcoming season and there are many reasons that he could be in places such as LA, Houston, Miami, New York, Pittsburgh, etc. He could be the answer for many teams, and there are a number of teams that need that one QB to save them. Darnold must first save the USC Trojans and give them a brilliant season.