Cleveland Cavaliers have dealt with a lot of issues this offseason, but it seems that things are finally getting better for the reigning Eastern Conference champions. One of the biggest issues the Cavaliers had to deal with was Kyrie Irving and his trade request. Irving did not want to stay in Cleveland and play the second fiddle to LeBron James. He wanted to run his own team, and he may have gotten his wish.

The Cavaliers have agreed to trade Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics. While their trade partner is unusual as most people predicted Irving would be traded to the West, the trade makes a lot of sense for both sides.

In exchange for the point guard, Cleveland received Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and 2018 draft pick from the Brooklyn Nets.

LeBron James' reaction to the trade

Shortly after the two teams reached a deal, LeBron James used his Twitter profile to talk about it. Even though LeBron and Kyrie had their disagreements and Irving refused to play in his shadow, they were one of the most entertaining duos to watch in the NBA and they reached the NBA Finals three times together. Furthermore, they won a championship in 2016, which was the first championship in the Cleveland Cavaliers history.

The four-time MVP called Irving special and said he has nothing but respect for him.

Even though they were teammates for only three years, Irving and James achieved a lot together and they turned the Cavaliers into the best team in the East.

There is no doubt that LeBron James isn't too happy about the trade as he lost one of the best teammates he's ever had. However, the Cavaliers got plenty of assets in return and they might be even better next season.

Cleveland got a great deal

While Kyrie Irving is a great player, the Cavaliers got a great deal which will benefit them both short and long term. They got Thomas, who was the third-best scorer in the NBA last season, and Jae Crowder, who is a defensive specialist. Beside Ante Zizic, the Cavaliers also received the draft pick the Celtics acquired from the Brooklyn Nets.

Considering that the Nets are one of the worst teams in the NBA, it will most likely be a lottery pick, and there's a good chance it could be a top 3 pick as well.

In short, the Cavaliers got a great replacement for Irving and they also got another amazing defender. If they don't win it all next year, at least they will have a high draft pick that will help them rebuild for the future and stay competitive for a longer period.