The outspoken LaVar Ball is making headlines once again in what looks like more attempts at publicity. On Tuesday, there were reports of Michael Jordan responding to Ball's one-on-one basketball claims, as well as LaVar suggesting the two meet in a pay-per-view to settle it. Now it appears LaVar Ball has taken a shot at another sports star from professional football. Here's what Ball had to say in regard to New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.

Lavar vs. Gronk?

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that LaVar Ball appeared on "The Really Big Show" via ESPN Radio.

During his time on their program, Ball proclaimed that the NFL tight end "can't hang with me back in my heyday." He went on to add that he would be "too fast, too strong" for the NFL Super Bowl champion.

LaVar Ball was linked with the NFL, albeit very briefly. As TMZ mentions, he was actually signed to a team back in 1994, as the New York Jets arranged the deal. He also was part of the Carolina Panthers' practice squad two years later. However, the man who claims he's better than "Gronk" never played in any official NFL games.

While Rob Gronkowski was hampered by an injury this past NFL season, he was still a member of the latest Super Bowl Championship team. That made for his second ring during his All-Pro career.

Basically, as with LaVar's statements toward MJ, the people he tries to say he's better than have way more credibility in the sport he's trying to trash-talk them in. Gronkowski is another case in point.

LaVar grabbing publicity

The "LaVar Ball Show" seems to be continuing to go on thanks to the constant media attention. He made laughable claims that his son would lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs this season and also boasted that all of his sons would end up becoming part of the Lakers' roster.

In reality, that's not impossible, but both seem to have the odds agaisnt them.

The father of Lonzo Ball has been wisely making sure he continues to make headlines by talking wildly about sports stars and his own unseen skills of the past. He's made comments that he could defeat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one matchup back in his "heyday." He's also become part of a verbal sparring situation with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.

In addition, he drew the attention of Sixers big man Joel Embiid, who made comments toward Lonzo and his dad on Twitter.

As they say, "talk is cheap." So far, LaVar Ball has yet to back up his claims and obviously based on the use of his key word "heyday," most sports fans can only laugh. However, there's no real way to back up any of what he's saying, and it's clearly all for publicity. Ball certainly has that down when it comes to talking trash back and forth with various sports celebs and baiting them into mentioning his name.