In the coming NBA season, there will be all sorts of comparisons made amongst the newest rookies in the league. The top two picks, the Sixers Markelle Fultz and Lakers star Lonzo Ball will certainly be compared. However, another possible rivalry could be in the making based on several meetings from the NCAA basketball world which Ball was involved in. Here's the latest on what Sacramento Kings rookie De'Aaron Fox has to say about a possible rivalry involving he and Lonzo Ball.

Fox's latest comments

The SEC Country website reported that De'Aaron Fox was working at a youth basketball camp in Kentucky as of Tuesday.

He was asked about the budding rivalry between himself and Lonzo Ball, which may have been fueled by comments from Lonzo's father, LaVar Ball, made about Fox.

Fox said he's not sure if he considers it a rivalry. He added to that statement that guards will "play great point guards all season." Fox also noted that he knows he and Lonzo Ball will "be linked our whole careers" due to the fact their two teams will have at least "a couple" meetings during the NBA season.

In an interesting side note, Fox's dad, Aaron Fox, was on hand to speak with the media Tuesday too. He mentioned that LaVar is "really calmed down" since how he acted when in high school. Fox went on to say that LaVar Ball doesn't need to say anything because "it's not about the parents." LaVar had previously stirred things up a bit in the media when saying nobody would know who De'Aaron Fox was if he hadn't scored 39 points against his son in the Sweet Sixteen.

Fox vs. Ball

So is it a major rivalry? These two players are linked due to their couple of matchups back in the college basketball this past season. Lonzo Ball and the UCLA Bruins had two meetings with Fox and his Kentucky Wildcats. The two teams split their meetings. The first one took place on December 3rd of last year with the Bruins getting a 97-92 victory.

However, Fox and Kentucky got the bigger win when they defeated UCLA 86-75 in the NCAA Tournament's Sweet Sixteen to earn a trip to the Elite Eight. Fox scored his career-high 39 points in that game, getting the basketball world talking even more about him.

As Fox mentioned in his recent comments, there will be plenty of Los Angeles Lakers vs.

Sacramento Kings games to watch in the coming season. The Western Conference teams should have four matchups with each team hosting two of those games. The fact the games are in California could certainly be great for the game in revving up interest in these two young stars and possibly starting up an early rivalry. However, it would be surprising if it is something that happens in the playoffs right away.