Let’s go back to your days in rec league soccer. At the end of the season, the YMCA, or whatever affiliate that you were a part of gave you a participation trophy for your contributions for the season. If we follow the same model that Houston Rockets Daryl Morey told ESPN in an interview, then we might be down the same path.

The Rockets general manager made comments saying that the NBA should maybe get rid of awards. The Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, and All-NBA teams are just a few of these awards.

These comments reflect a bitter time period for the Rockets as James Harden has missed out on the MVP on two separate occasions.

Morey believes that the criteria needs to be changed when the voting occurs for these awards.

Criteria is shifted from winning

The Rockets general manager believes that the MVP voting does not take into account wins. Two years ago, Stephen Curry won the MVP over Harden despite Harden having better numbers. The Warriors had more wins than the Rockets. Based on this ideology, Harden should have won the MVP over Russell Westbrook since the Rockets finished with more wins than the Oklahoma City Thunder, even though Westbrook averaged a triple-double.

Some folks in the NBA world found these comments hysterical. The perfect example was a tweet from Blake Griffin saying that the NBA should give all teams participation awards.

Griffin event went on to say that the idea "sounded dumb to him."

The award is still based on winning

One simple question can help negate Morey’s comments that the award is not given to an individual based on winning. Would the Thunder make the playoffs if Westbrook was not on the team?

The team had lost Kevin Durant to the Warriors and traded away Serge Ibaka.

If Westbrook does not average his numbers, the Thunder do not even come close to being the team they were last season. Not to mention, he broke a record for triple-doubles in a season that was held by Hall of Famer Oscar Roberson.

Harden has had some pretty great years, but they are all on the offensive side. Westbrook and Curry play respectable defense in the league.

Their teams would not have had their respective seasons without their MVP play.

Harden will likely get another shot at winning the award this season with Paul by his side, and potentially Carmelo Anthony, but the comments to extinguish the awards are malarkey. Besides, his coach won the Coach of the Year Award, so isn’t this just a little ironic?