The entire basketball community was in shock after Kyrie Irving requested for a trade. He reportedly wants to be in a team in which he is the focal point. In Cleveland, he is unlikely to achieve such status because of LeBron James.

While the Kyrie Irving trade drama is still up and running, no one can say which team he will go to. At the moment the All-Star point guard’s future remains a mystery. But for an artificial intelligence, this might not be the case.

Irving is staying with the Cavaliers

Inverse sought the help of their readers – using a Unanimous A.I.

– to predict Irving’s decision. The goal? Well, to know whether or not the superstar departs from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Basically, each participant was allowed to control a golden magnet. They used this to drag the puck towards the answer they thought was the most possible outcome. The closer the user put the said magnet to the puck, the greater the pulling force would be.

In a nutshell, if a user sees the puck move towards a result, a psychological response is triggered. This is where the user tends to adjust his/her decision-making, as he/she tries to be consistent in acquiring a consensus. The publication reports that there was around 67 percent chance that Kyrie Irving would stay in Cleveland.

This percentage is basically two out of three chances. This could simply be a result of how tricky trades can be, and obviously, there are lots of possibilities. But of course, this is just a prediction. It does not necessarily confirm Irving’s decision. Nonetheless, numbers are the closest figures to reality, as science explains.

What other players are saying

Many people did not like Kyrie Irving’s decision. After all, he got a chance to go to the finals (three consecutive times) and, more importantly, acquired one. In fact, Washington Wizard’s very own John Wall sees his decision as something that is “crazy to me,” according to CSN Mid-Atlantic who were cited by Clutch Points.

But for Wall, there is no reason to blame Irving. He is young and he is one of those players who wants to build a name for themselves.

Scottie Pippen, on the other hand, believes that Kyrie Irving is at the right kind of “superstar level” to make such decision. He is still in his prime and it is something he should do at a young age. But as most experts would say, the chances of Irving earning a championship run in a different team is low. Clearly, in Cleveland, LeBron James has helped him achieved every milestone.