Yesterday, Roger Federer has crossed another milestone of what should've been a longevity impediment at some point. He turned 36 years of age while preparing to kick start his North American summer season on the hard court. His official schedule includes two Masters 1000 events as a complete warm-up for US Open. It's a level of commitment that can pass by unobserved. Skipping the entire clay court swing, it seems that there is plenty of gas left in the tank to tackle the future challenges. And there is so much to talk about now that the world No.

1 spot is within range and the possibility of another Grand Slam success in New York grows bigger with every that passes by.

Roger Federer's possible moves for the rest of 2017

Later today, Roger Federer will have the inaugural test in Montreal as he is set to play against Peter Polanski (116 ATP). After Montreal, the US Open Series will go deeper with another Masters 1000 scheduled as Western&Southern Open in Cincinnati awaits for Federer to reclaim the field. The Swiss Tennis star has won this particular event seven times in the past, last time he accomplished it back in 2015 beating Novak Djokovic in the final. 2017 US Open will start August 28 and will have Federer as one of its main favorites.

With Djokovic and Wawrinka out, it's likely to have the Swiss player at least as a second seed if not the leader of the pack as he may even reclaim the ATP summit in Cincinnati. It also depends on how Rafael Nadal will handle the upcoming few weeks.

The autumn swing will move the action indoor, and Roger Federer may have two or three stops before heading to London for the ATP Finals.

The ATP 500 in Basel, his home town it's a sure bet while his presence in the main draw in Shanghai and Paris, the last two Masters 1000 of the year, is not confirmed yet. The final show of the season will take place in London in what may be a perfect place to end a glorious season.

The danger of overplaying and the injuries' shadow

Given his possible schedule for the rest of 2017, it's fair to say that Roger Federer is getting in the fifth gear. It's a bold move for a 36-year-old who missed the entire second half of 2016 due to a knee injury. The possibility of things that can go wrong it's always hidden in the back of the mind. A professional athlete will never underestimate such a danger. Choosing to go all the way, Federer may expose himself. Despite having only seven tournaments under his belt this season, he has gathered a total of 33 matches. With his future schedule unfolding, it seems that he could easily go over 50 by the end of the season.