Believe it or not, the comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is far from over. No matter who tries to end the debate, someone out there will still open the entire thing up again. Jordan, on the other hand, made news recently after answering a fan’s question regarding the better player between Kobe Bryant and James.

As expected from Jordan, he favored Bryant over LeBron James. He believes that Bryant having five rings is way better compared to James’ three. Interestingly, the former NBA player Jalen Rose joined the fiasco and said some things about the greatest player of all time.

Rose on Jordan

In a report from Cavaliers Nation, Rose discussed the recent comments Jordan made in his show with ESPN commentator David Jacoby. The latter asked Rose if Jordan is using rings “as a measure of success” to further solidify his legacy. Without hesitation, Rose admitted that it was true. However, he cannot deny the fact that the fans, media, and even NBA players are tired of the logic. He further explained that if counting rings was to be the measure, Robert Horry would have been a better player than MJ. He may not be a Hall of Fame, but he acquired more rings compared to Jordan.

Jacoby, on the other hand, expressed his idea that Jordan’s continuous picking of Kobe Bryant over LeBron James is a result of feeling threatened by James.

The commentator went to say that James was “phenomenal” in his last season, though they lost to the Golden State Warriors. “His finals performance was like nothing we’ve ever seen before from a basketball player,” Jacoby said. He went to ask Rose about this idea.

Jordan is afraid

Rose, without thinking twice, approved Jacoby’s notion.

He said that people have to respect the fact that LeBron James was the best player on every organization he joined. After all, he helped them win a championship. Rose further explained that Bryant, on the other hand, had Shaquille O’Neal, Horry, Pau Gasol, and was even coached by the great Phil Jackson. He iterated that at the end of the day, Jordan’s logic is “dumbed down.” Just because a player has more rings does not necessarily mean he is greater.

Whether or not people will agree with Rose’s statements, it cannot be denied that LeBron James is on a whole new level. ESPN reports that James managed to be in the NBA finals for seven consecutive appearances. When he was with the Miami Heat, he put incredible numbers to his name. When he finally went back to Cleveland, he helped end the franchise’s title drought.