Alberto El Patron has again attacked Triple H and WWE. He has called Triple H as "The man with the big nose and no balls". But this time, he includes The Usos and New Day as they participated in a rap battle last week on Smackdown Live. Alberto El Patron is a former WWE Superstar who has worked with WWE for a long period and won multiple championships. But then, things didn't go well between Alberto and WWE and as a result, Alberto left WWE in 2015.

What happened in the rap battle?

In the past episode of Smackdown Live, a rap battle took place between The Usos and The New Day.

In the battle, The Usos referred to Paige's leaked private video which broke the internet. The Usos introduced Xavier Woods during the rap battle using the phrase - "Let's just keep it 'PG,' you know what's good. Don't get all 'Rated-R,' like ya boy Xavier Woods."

Bold challenge by Alberto El Patron

As Smackdown Live is scheduled in San Antonio on Tuesday night, Alberto has promised to be in his restaurant which is in the same city. He has called out Triple H, The New Day and The Usos for a fight saying he'll beat the shit out of them. In his post, Alberto has challenged Triple H, The New Day and The Usos for a fight at his own restaurant. He has promised that he'll be available in his restaurant and has asked them to come to his restaurant where he'll knock them out.

According to a report by PWInsider, Alberto said some harsh words for WWE after the Slammiversary event went off air. He referred to WWE as a company full of losers. He differentiated GFW roster from WWE by calling GFW roster as real wrestlers, while he referred WWE roster as "f****** sports entertainers".

Relationship between Alberto and Paige

Alberto and Paige have been dating each other for a very long time. Recently, there were rumors that Alberto and Paige have parted their ways. But then Paige posted her picture with Alberto Del Rio on Twitter denying all rumors. Paige posted a picture of her and El Patron on July 6th.

Alberto's achievements

Current organization: GFW, previous organization: WWE, birth name: Jose Alberto Rodriguez, age: 40 years, height & weight: 6 feet 5 inches, 239 lbs.

Major titles held: 1 time TNA World Heavyweight Championship, 2 times WWE Championship, 2 times World Heavyweight Championship, 2 times WWE United States Championship, 1 time AAA Mega Championship, 1 time CMLL World Heavyweight Championship, 1 time WWL World Heavyweight Championship.