In shocking news, WWE stars Paige, and Alberto Del Rio just had their Hotel Room burglarized. Someone went into their room and took items, but all of the details haven't been revealed yet. WWE star Paige went to her Instagram page to share the details about what happened and how her sweet husband Alberto Del Rio got her a sweet gift to replace something that she lost.

What did they take from Paige that meant a lot to her?

Paige shared a photo of a ring that her sweet WWE husband Alberto Del Rio got for her. This ring was to replace the one that it turns out was stolen from her.

She shared that she was heartbroken when her ring got taken, but Alberto Del Rio went out and got her a new one. It is different, but she still loves it. Paige shared that Alberto still gives her butterflies. These two are obviously really in love, and she is happy with the way things are going with them. They have been together a while and the fans have watched their relationship blossom on the show "Total Divas" on E!.

Paige didn't share any details about how the ring got stolen or if anything else was taken. The fans are curious about the details, but so far they just aren't coming out. This could end up airing on a future season of "Total Divas." They actually just finished airing this season and it didn't show on this one.

Everyone wants details from Paige and Alberto Del Rio about what really went down.

Details about this couple

Paige is a former NXT Women’s champion and 2-time WWE Divas champ. These two split for a bit and then got back together as fans saw go down on "Total Divas." Paige was heartbroken when they called it quits, but they later got back together, and then they secretly got married.

Paige kept calling him her husband and the fans finally picked up on the fact that they had tied the knot, but hadn't shared about the wedding just yet. They were not one of those couples that wanted a big wedding with a ton of people paying attention to them. Paige and Alberto just did it on their own terms.

Are you surprised to hear that Paige and Alberto Del Rio had someone break into their hotel room and the news didn't come out right away?

Do you think that they should be worried it will happen again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Total Divas" when it returns to E!. If more details are going to come out about this theft, then it will probably end up happening on the new season of the show.