Alberto Del Rio has discovered the new social media platform Periscope and has been using it to great effect recently. Just a few days after he went on a drunken rant against the WWE while in New York City, Alberto went back to it to answer some fan questions. When asked if he will ever go back to the WWE, he said he is not interested and will never ever go back to the company.

The Alberto Del Rio drunken rant

The Alberto Del Rio drunken rant against the WWE on Periscope took place Thursday night when he was in New York City. He started off by loving the fans who supported he and Paige but that he didn't care if they supported him or not.

It seemed like a strange comment but then Del Rio said that he had been drinking a lot and was here to say anything he wanted. He then launched into a rant against the WWE, saying he was close to Stanford and would go visit them personally. He claimed that all the "pu**ies" lived there and then started to insult someone with a big nose, which was a clear reference to Triple H. When Alberto was in the WWE before, he was fired when he retaliated against the company's social media manager for racial comments. It was said that Triple H was against Alberto's push the entire time and that he was not supportive of the return to the WWE a year later. Del Rio then threatened people who talked crap about him on the Internet.

Paige, who is still under contract to the WWE, tried to stop the Periscope video but Alberto Del Rio kept talking.

Del Rio comments on WWE return

Alberto Del Rio was sober when answering fan questions on Periscope. One fan asked about returning to the WWE and Alberto said that it would never happen. Alberto also said that the WWE had actually recently approached him about a return and he turned them down.

This seems highly unlikely because he has been very vocal about the company's treatment of his finance Paige and accused the company of not taking care of her medically when she needed surgery. Alberto also said that the WWE did everything they could to break him and Paige up and even went as far as to claim that the WWE recently orchestrated the entire Paige sex video leak that occurred last month.

With everything he has had said about the WWE, it doesn't seem like the company would be calling Alberto Del Rio about a return to the company. Even if they did, Alberto was clear when he said he would not be "going back ever, ever, ever." At the end of the day, Alberto said he does not want to be there.