Kyrie Irving is a great sidekick to NBA superstar Lebron James on the basketball court. In fact, their tandem gave Cleveland Cavaliers a championship and enabled them to reach the NBA finals for three consecutive years. However, Irving is done playing in James’ shadow. He is seeking to lead his own team and he is wanting to do this by leaving the Cavs. A number of NBA teams responded to his decision warmly by showing their interest to have him on their home court.

Kyrie Irving’s trade attracts several teams

There is no doubt that Irving is one of the most popular and talented players in the NBA.

In fact, in the Cavs' championship win, he hit one of the biggest shots in Game 7. Also, at 25, he already has a championship and an Olympic gold medal, not to mention, he is a four-time All-Star. Irving is a competitor and a winner. In addition to this, he hasn’t reached his prime yet, so the majority of the NBA enthusiasts and critics are expecting that the best years are still ahead of him. For this reason, a number of teams are interested in inking a deal with him.

According to ESPN, since Irving announced his interest to be traded, many responded. In fact, over 20 teams contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers to discuss trade offers.

At the moment, six teams allegedly made an offer to the Cleveland Cavaliers concerning Kyrie Irving's trade.

Among the NBA teams who contacted the Cavs are reportedly the San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers, Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks and Miami Heat. Although many are interested, only a few offered a legitimate proposal. This could be because many do not have the assets to make a deal happen.

Kyrie Irving wants to be traded to New York Knicks

When Irving revealed that he wanted to depart from Cleveland Cavaliers, he also admitted that his preferred destinations are the Knicks, Heat, Timberwolves and Spurs. However, the Knicks is the frontrunner among his four favorites.

Pablo Torres of ESPN reported on Wednesday's edition of "First Take" that Irving strongly prefers to join Knicks because he grew up in New York.

A source told Torre that the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard "wants to come home." The Cavs are reportedly interested in trading for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks are possibly willing to let go of Melo for Irving, but they will not include their big man Kristaps Porzingis in the deal.

Now that Irving has expressed his number one favorite team for the trade, will Knicks and Cavs accelerate their talks about the deal involving Irving’s trade? Share your thoughts below.