Rumors have been buzzing about Kyrie Irving's potential departure from Cleveland. Now reports are confirming that Irving has several teams in mind, most of all the New York Knicks.

Why it may make sense

The Cavaliers recently acquired former NBA MVP Derrick Rose, while Rose is not what he used to be, it should have been the first sign to fans that Irving trade talk was serious (as Rose would likely be Irving's replacement).

Irving may also just be tired of being second fiddle to Cleveland's superstar LeBron James, as it was Irving after all who made a big shot in the final seconds of the NBA Finals to seal Cleveland's title two years ago.

The teams that Irving had suggested being traded to, the Timberwolves, Heat, and Knicks, are all teams he would be the main star at along with young talent and a bright future. The Knicks especially have a star in Kristaps Porzingis who likely be a dominant force in the league in the future.

By going to the Knicks, Irving could become the face of a franchise in a huge sports market while simultaneously preparing himself for the future. Irving would not be stranded in Cleveland with no other talent after LeBron James likely leaves next year.

With Irving is apparently committed to his departure, the Cavaliers are searching in trade talks. Even ESPN reports have come out that say LeBron James is helping the Cavaliers franchise by searching for a good return on Kyrie Irving, were a trade to be made.

Reports on this have been conflicting though.

The problems and ramifications

In any deal of this magnitude with the Knicks , there is a likelihood that Carmelo Anthony would be involved in the trade. Yet Anthony has said that he will only waive his no trade clause for a trade to the Houston Rockets. Anthony would have to be convinced to head to Cleveland if a trade involving (but not limited to) both him and Irving were in the works.

Irving will likely only move if the Knicks can wager more young talent than just first round picks, but only time will tell if that will be enough. Irving leaving the Cavaliers would be a major blow to the franchises' chances next year. The Cavaliers lost this year to the Warriors in the NBA Finals by a large margin, losing Irving will only widen the gap between the two teams.

If Irving heads to the Knicks the landscape of the Eastern Conference would be totally changed, as the cavaliers would no longer be as dominant and the Knicks, Celtics, and Wizards would all have a viable shot at making it to the NBA Finals.