The biggest tight end signing of the off season for the Green Bay Packers was, without a doubt, Martellus Bennett. But, the most covert signing could very well be Lance Kendricks. So much attention is paid to Bennett that Kendricks could be a big contributor this year. He probably won’t have a career season but could be a valuable target for Aaron Rodgers at critical moments.

Kendricks’ Time with the Rams

Lance Kendricks didn’t have an outstanding career with the Los Angeles Rams. Part of that is simply that, while Kendricks is solid at the tight end position, he’s not a top tier TE.

However, part of his lack of production had to do with the guys slinging him the rock.

During his time in St. Louis/LA, Kendricks caught passes from the likes of Case Keenum, Jared Goff, Nick Foles, and Sam Bradford. Bradford was the best of this group but during his first two seasons in the league. Bradford’s passer rating was just 70.5 (2011) and 82.6 (2012). Imagine what he’ll be able to accomplish with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

The Rams used Kendricks far more often on first and second down than on third down, and they almost never used him in the red zone. The Packers will probably use him in a similar situation. For those crucial yards on third down and in the red zone, the Packers would be foolish not to call Martellus Bennett’s number

What Kendricks Brings to the Table for the Packers

Kendricks doesn’t run extremely sharp routes and has had difficulty with drops in the past.

There are two things he brings to the Packers that will improve an already potent offense.

The first is that the Packers can field a legitimate threat in two tight end sets. This balanced offensive approach will add more deception to an offense that it already difficult to contain. Aaron Rodgers talked about his excitement about having two tight end sets that can add numerous options to the passing game but also take the run game up a notch.

The other thing Kendricks brings to the table for the Packers is his ability to be elusive. He’s not so much elusive in the open field as he is when he fakes a block and slips through the line of scrimmage unnoticed. He has a propensity for acting like he’s trying to gain leverage on a defenseman and suddenly he’ll appear on the other side of the line running free with nobody in the linebacking corps or defensive backfield even aware that he’s there.

Lance Kendricks won’t be a featured target in the 2017 Green Bay Packers offense but he’ll get his touches and when he does it should be a whole lot of fun for Packer fans.