Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is close to signing a deal to return to the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens are in need of someone to fill in for the injured Joe Flacco and Colin appears to be one of the lead candidates. According to ESPN, Ravens veteran linebacker, Terrell Suggs wants the team to seal the deal. Colin has struggled to land a starting job since being released by the 49ers due to him declining to stand for the national anthem before games.

As a member of the 49ers, Kaepernick played in his first ever Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens in 2012.

His team would come up short and he could not win his first ring. After that season, the Niners made him the permanent starter. He would lead the team the next season back to the NFC championship, but they would end up losing to their division rivals the Seattle Seahawks.

Since signing a contract extension worth $126 million in 2014, Colin had to deal with injury and a new coaching staff that has ultimately kept him off the field. The biggest blow, however, was when he began his national anthem protest. His actions have made teams hesitant to sign him because they believe the publicity he brings will affect their organization in a negative way.

Fortunately for Kap, he seems to be the best available free agent QB for a team like Baltimore in need of a reliable backup.

Fitting in with the Ravens

Joe Flacco is the quarterback that stood in the way of Colin Kaepernick winning his first ever Super Bowl.

The team has shown and expressed that his spot as the starter is more than safe and secure. So, for Kap, he would need to come in and prove to the rest of the teams around the NFL he is still an elite player at his position.

However, Colin is the same guy that won his first NFL starting job filling in for the former No. 1 pick Alex Smith.

So, although the Ravens front office has expressed that Flacco's job isn't at risk, if Kaepernick can play at the same level he did when he won his job for the 49ers, the Ravens will have no choice but to go with the best option as their starter.

Change of scenery

Half of the time Kaepernick spent in San Francisco, he experienced a great deal of success. Unfortunately, that success ran out after the 2014 season and it was the last time NFL fans saw Colin competing at a high-level. When the team hired Chip Kelly as the head coach, many believed this would reignite his career because of Kelly's fast pace offense and Colin's ability to use his feet.

Unfortunately, Chip's scheme did not work for any of the QBs on the roster. Despite the lack of efficiency, Kap was able to throw 16 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions in 11 starts last season. The Niners failed to make the playoffs and officially parted ways with their starter for the last four seasons.

The change of scenery may be exactly what Kap needs to get his NFL career back on the right track. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, spoke out about possibly signing Colin this week. Bisciotti said that he did not have an issue with his protest of the national anthem, but was displeased with the way he did it.

But Bisciotti seemed like he was trying to warm-up the media and fans on the idea of Kap soon joining the team and is prepared to be criticized for the move.