Former Nebraska football star Jordan Westerkamp has been looking for a job longer than most Husker fans would have dreamed. There was a time it looked like he was going to be able to show what he could do with the Tampa Bay Bucs. That didn't work out but the Cleveland Browns were the next in line to give him a shot. That shot didn't last that long either.

It's a safe bet Westerkamp has been trying to get people to see what he can do for most of the summer. Finally, a new team has given the former Nebraska football star a chance. The Miami Dolphins are giving the wide receiver at least an early look as their fall camps open up.

Now it's just a matter of whether or not he is given a real shot and whether or not he can stick with the team long enough to show off the tools and the talent he has.

Former Nebraska star trying to prove the doubters wrong at next level

There is likely no one more shocked that it took Westerkamp this long to find a new job, then Jordan Westerkamp. The wide receiver might have suffered through a few seasons of injuries and sub par quarterback play but he was also a human highlight reel. The former Nebraska football wide receiver has some of the best catches in the history of the program. The first among those is a hailmary catch in the end zone against Northwestern a few years ago.

Without that catch, head coach Bo Pelini might have found his Husker coaching career ending sooner than he could have ever expected.

There was also the sideline treading behind the back catch and more than a few other juggling grabs. There is very little doubt that Westerkamp has the hands to make it in the NFL. The problem is and has been his size and speed. He's going to need to show that he can be a possession type receiver

Another former Nebraska football wide receiver not so fortunate

While Westerkamp can breathe a sigh of relief, one of his former teammates isn't so lucky.

Alonzo Moore, who had signed as an undrafted free agent with the Kansas City Chiefs is looking for a job. The former Nebraska football star was waived Friday by the team. In his place, the Chiefs signed Antwan Goodley.

The bad news is that Moore is now going to have to start over and go back to the drawing board. The good news, if there is ever good news when talking about the worry of trying to find a job, is that camps have started.

That means there are bound to be teams looking for a few extra bodies to see what they can do. Moore can take solace in the story of someone like Quincy Enunwa. Yet another former Nebraska football star, Enunwa was an afterthought for the New York Jets in his rookie year. Just three years later, he's considered the team's top target heading into the 2017 season.