When you go out to the ballpark, you never know who you might see in the stands. A celebrity (Bill Murray, Stephen King), or a former athlete, and most likely a drunk fan making a fool out of himself.

For one Cubs fan, that person happened to be New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

Brad Joseph told a local Milwaukee news affiliate, WISN, that while attending a game between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers, he noticed Christie walking up the stadium stands and yelled out at him.

According to WISN, things got heated, when Joseph yelled out to governor Christie, “you suck.” Christie was 30 feet away according to Joseph, and when he finally heard the verbal shots from the fan, he decided to address the fan.

The New Jersey governor went up to the fan and yelled, “why don't you have another beer?”

Joseph told WISN, that he called the governor a “hypocrite,” and afterward the governor got in his face, brushing the fan with his knee. According to the report, Christie asked the fan if he wanted 'to do something,' and then said to the fan, “you're a big shot, yeah you are a big shot.”

The whole incident was caught on camera showing Christie in the fans face while holding a tray of Nachos.

Christie has yet to return comment on the altercation.

Christie gets into heated exchange on a sports radio show

Back in early July, governor Christie and a caller went toe to toe on a sports talk show in New York, WFAN.

The caller, who went by Mike from Montclair, New Jersey, said, “ Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is close to the entire world except you, you put your fat a** in a car and drive to one that is open to all of your constituents, and not just you and your,” According to NPR

Christie interrupted the fan saying “you know Mike, I love, I love getting calls from communists in Montclair.” Shortly after, Christie called Mike a “bum.:

Mike from Montclair was referring to the infamous shot caught by a local New Jersey news station, showing the governor and his family vacationing on a beach, that he shut down earlier that week.

Christie was scolded for the incident by the media and voters, who felt the governor displayed a level of hypocrisy.

Governor Christie downplayed the whole "beach incident," by attacking the media and their choice of reporting.

Neither of these incidents should come as a surprise, Christie has established a reputation for himself, as being a public official, who isn't afraid to mix it up with voters and members of the local and national media.