Not too many seasons ago Colin Kaepernick carried the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl with his amazing play at the quarterback position. He also gave the 49ers some of their best years since the early 1990s when Steve Young was still the quarterback. Kaepernick was a stellar enough talent to convince Jim Harbaugh to get rid of Alex Smith who was supposed to be the team's QB of the future.

Now, not too many years after, the San Francisco 49ers have been horrible because of their lack of support for a player that is talented enough to carry a franchise on his own.

All because of his personal beliefs that he chose to stand by in a country that supposedly supports "freedom of speech."

NFL always turns its back on players in need of support

The NFL never supports their players when they are in the most need of help. Their track record is quite frankly pathetic! The NFL would not exist if they had no players to suit up. The players are the only reason the organization generates any kind of income to keep it alive. The players sacrifice time with their families throughout the entire year to meet the needs of the National Football League.

Still in the face of controversy, the organization easily detaches themselves away from the same guys that put money in their pockets to feed their families.

Just not too long ago, they turned their back on a guy that wound up eventually killing himself in jail. This is the same organization that promotes teamwok and sticking together to win, but they fail to follow those same standards when the rest of the world bashes their players.

NFL's blacklisting is wrong, where's the help?

Colin Kaepernick decided to execise his rights to not stand during the United States National Anthem due to his own beliefs this past season. One of the good things about the beginning of professional sports is it helped break many racial barriers and helped unite people of different cultures.

Since then it seems the NFL in particular has abandoned that idea. Leaving a player stranded forces people to believe a player is guilty of something if their own organization is willing to turn their backs on them.

Now, criminal investigations carry so much weight that it can be a heavy distraction to an organization in a negative way. So, it's a little more understandable in those situations depending on the severity of the case. For someone in the case of Colin Kaepernick who didn't even committ a crime, the treatment he has received has been unfair.

Kaepernick is still a very capable quarterback of putting up solid numbers and he has also proven he can lead a team to a Super Bowl. If the NFL continues to blacklist him because of his personal beliefs they will continue to create a bad relationship with their valued players.

They've already showed how selfish they can be with their initial inability to care for the seriousness of player concussions.

They have to turn the page at some point. They can start by ending the discrimination against Kaepernick and allowing the man to feed his family doing what he loves to do!