Trade rumors of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers have been going on for almost a month. A few days back the NBA superstar mentioned that he will not waive his no-trade clause. However, the latest rumors are that LeBron might consider a deal if he is going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

There is no doubt that James is one of the finest NBA players. That said, the owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert might consider a trade if the Lakers give him something good in return for James. Almost any team would want to obtain a player like LeBron, and the Lakers can surely use a hand like him.

LeBron will still head to LA

Despite trade rumors, LeBron is still heading to the LA. In that case, the Cavs and Lakers might as well try to Strike A Deal which will benefit both teams. On the other hand, the Lakers might just remain silent and wait for James's arrival in LA. As for Dan Gilbert, he is getting one step closer to making a decision for one of their best players.

At the moment, Cleveland is not in a very flexible situation. They have options opened for Kyrie Irving since he requested a trade from the team. If a trade takes place, they might ship any one player, not both. Giving up Irving and James at the same time might not be something the Cavs would consider.

Who will the Lakers trade if they are obtaining LeBron?

Given the present situation with the Lakers, they will not give up players like Lonzo Ball or Brandon Ingram. Another name that has appeared in these trade rumors are Jordan Clarkson. The Lakers have the option to place Clarkson on the trading table, but it might not be good enough for the Cavaliers.

With all the options available from the Lakers, it seems that they will not give up much for James.

The only thing the Lakers would need to do if they get a hold of James is matching his salary. Apart from that, they will reap several great benefits from the trade. James can choose to walk out of the Cavs next summer, and if that is about to happen, Gilbert might consider acquiring some young stars like Jordan Clarkson.

James will be hitting the NBA Free Agency in 2018, and many teams likely want to pursue him. He would have the option to request the Cavs for a trade like Kyrie Irving, or if things change, he can also remain with his current team. As of now, it turns out that Irving is one step ahead of James for a trade, but it all depends on Gilbert and whether or not the Lakers are ready to strike a deal.