One of the most anticipated trades during the off season, aside from Kyrie Irving, is coming from the Knicks star Carmelo Anthony who built a lot of drama with the franchise last season. New reports claim that he is expected to play with the Rockets soon.

Anthony will be traded to Rockets this weekend

Los Angeles Daily News confirmed that the veteran star waived his no-trade clause to the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the Houston Rockets. Still, it seems that Anthony has a higher chance to be the newest member of the Rocket’s “Clutch City.”

In the past, many agreements between the Knicks and the Rockets have been canceled and started again.

However, those past conflicts will not stop this trade from happening.

Carmelo, on the other hand, is ready to part ways with the Knicks as the franchise plans to rebuild its core around the young and talented players like the 2017 first-round pick Frank Ntiliknia and Kristaps Porzingis.

As for the Rockets, by having one of Carmelo’s close friends, Chris Paul, from the Los Angeles Clippers, it will serve as both bait and assurance that the veteran star will stay with the franchise.

Recently, Houston wanted to drop their contract with Ryan Anderson for a Carmelo deal to happen. However, the two team haven’t been able to find another team to take the 30-year old forward contract as the New York Knicks are not interested in taking Anderson.

The Trail Blazers is another potential trade for Anthony

NESN mentioned in their post that Portland Trail Blazers has been reported to be involved in a deal for the veteran star. Additionally, Blazers roster C.J McCollum and star guard Damian Lillard have been adding more fuel to the rumor by escalating new ideas, implying that the trade will happen soon.

Still, Carmelo is not interested in joining the Blazers as the deal between the Rockets and the Knicks would be beneficial for both parties. Besides, the veteran's career could see a resurrection while playing next to all star James Harden and Paul. As for the Knicks, they will finally have the chance to rebuild their franchise with their young talented players.

Derrick Rose is going to play with the King

ESPN confirmed that Rose has agreed to join LeBron James for a $2.1 million contract. The agreement also gives the Cavaliers a potential substitute for the star point guard Kyrie Irving, who requested a trade from the Cavs earlier.

The most ironic part between Irving and Rose is that Irving wants to be the face of a franchise and take his team to the playoffs, which are the things that Rose once had. Derrick Rose, on the other hand, has experienced the glory of being the face of the franchise and suffered from its pitfalls as well. Now, he wants nothing more than a $150 million max contract.