There has been a lot said about the entire situation between LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Recently, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said that a source close to LeBron said that he was so mad that he wanted to "whip Kyrie Irving's a**." That angered LeBron, who said that Smith needed better sources. Smith explained what he meant on a new segment of "First Take."

LeBron is sensitive

According to Stephen A. Smith, LeBron James is sensitive and doesn't like for people to know how he really feels about things like the Kyrie Irving situation.

However, Smith stands behind his statement that LeBron is so angry that he would "metaphorically" like to "kick Kyrie Irving's a**." Smith said that anyone who took that quote literally was just being silly.

Anyone who is so mad they would like to kick someone's butt normally wouldn't act on those emotions. However, it doesn't change someone having those emotions. According to Smith, LeBron is that angry at Kyrie but everyone who knows James and has followed his career should understand that he would never act on those feelings because he is too concerned about his brand.

Plus, Smith said that LeBron James can't be seriously mad about Kyrie wanting to leave town. James left Cleveland once and then did the same thing to Miami, leaving both teams in shambles.

The problem is James is mad because his name was brought up in the reason that Irving wants to leave.

Smith said when the situation started that LeBron James is the greatest player in the NBA and everyone who plays for him - including Kyrie - should defer to LeBron in every situation. However, at the end of the day, that is where the problem lies.

Kyrie Irving is tired of deferring to LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith also said that Kyrie's dad is from Mitchell Projects in the Bronx. Smith, himself, is from Hollis Queens. Smith said that he spoke to a number of people from Mitchell Projects who are still close friends with the Irving family and learned a lot about what Kyrie is going through right now from those close to him off the court.

Kyrie Irving is tired of people considering him second fiddle to LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie feels that he is good enough to be a team's franchise player and he can't do that with the Cavaliers. However, there is a bigger reason that Irving wants out of Cleveland.

The sources that Stephen A. Smith spoke to said that Kyrie Irving is tired of LeBron James always hinting about leaving Cleveland every year. The fact that LeBron allows the story of "will he stay or go" to percolate every year proves that LeBron is addicted to trying to control the narrative.